File & Paint 
20 minutes 
Full Pedicure  
1 hour 
To begin, your feet will soak in a relaxing warm foot spa to soften and relieve tired and aching feet. Nails will be trimmed and filed, cuticles tidied, hard skin removed, exfoliation and a lower leg and foot massage. 
Your pedicure will be completed with the application of an O.P.I 
polish of your choice. A truly pampering treatment which will lift the senses and sooth tired feet. (please wear open toe shoes to avoid smudging polish) 
Luxury Pedicure  
1 hr 15 minutes 
Treat yourself to one of the best seats in the house, and then dip your feet into swirling ultra clean water jets. You can customise your own massage with built in roller and vibrating massage with upper and lower back massage therapy. Press the button for the heated seat feature which will add to your overall comfort and relaxation.Relax and enjoy this truly pampering treatment providing an invigorating yet relaxing massage for the feet. 
This includes all of the above with an added extra of warm 
heated booties. A mask will be applied to help refresh the skin, while the heat treatment will have a deep cleansing action and stimulate circulation, improving blood supply to the muscles and joints. 
French Polish 
An add on to your pedicure treatment 
Nail Art or Loose Glitter 
An add on to your pedicure treatment 
£1.00 per nail 
1 Hour 
Relax, Rebalance, Restore & Revitalise 
Reflexology is a complementary therapy which rebalances the body’s systems and promotes homeostasis and general well-being. By massaging specific reflex points, this treatment has lots of benefits from every day ailments to more complicated ones, such as fertility issues and stress related digestive orders. Reflexology improves circulation and lymph flow, it cleanses the body of impurities and revitalises energy. It could help you to de-stress, revitalise your immune system and balance hormones. It is an excellent way of maintaining optimum health both physically & emotionally 
Callus Peel 
30 mins 
Do you suffer with hard cracked skin on your heels or calluses on your balls of your feet? Callus peel is the answer! 
A non-invasive painless treatment which can be added to any pedicure or as a stand alone treatment will rid your feet of these problems in just 30 minutes. 
A skin softening patch is applied to the affected area and wrapped in cling film. After 15 minutes the patch is removed and the dead skin cells are then peeled away using a scraping device. The area is then buffed with a foot file and the treatment is completed using a rich, nourishing moisturiser. 
Paraffin Wax Treatment 
Add this to a pedicure treatment  
15 minutes 
A warm wax which is applied to the feet. Moisturising products are pushed deeper into the skin improving the appearance by softening and smoothing. 
The paraffin wax treatment helps to boost very dry skin, eases arthritic joints increasing mobility to the area 
Toe Nail Trimmed 
Nails trimmed & filed 
10 minutes 
Minx on Toes 
45 minutes 
Worn by celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce & Rhianna. Lots of dazzling styles to choose from and a chance to look like the stars 
Shellac Nails 
14 day glorious, high gloss shine, chip free gel varnish 
One Colour 
French Polish 
Rockstar Shellac 
(free when applied by us and within 3 weeks) 
An extra £10.00 (one colour) £13.00 (french polish) £18.00 (glitter) when shellac is applied with a pedicure. 
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